I know that most of you are like me during this quarantine and you are probably thinking each day a little or a lot about the things you miss.  I’m sure you can guess the one thing I miss most of all is being at Disney as much as possible. So, in order to distract myself from being sad, I’ve found it fun to think back on all the fun experiences I have each visit AND about all the amazing things to be a part of when the parks open back up! I, for one, will never take one step inside those parks for granted again! All that being said, I thought I’d take this blog opportunity to talk about one of my newest favorite things at Disney…..the character breakfast At Topolino’s Terrace located at the top of Disney’s Riviera Resort! 

You guys know Im not one for repeating dining experiences unless I’m in LOVE with it, well, since it’s opening, I’ve dined there multiple times! I know what you’re thinking. This is just another character breakfast buffet. WRONG! This is a major departure from your ordinary character breakfast experience! The menu alone is enough to blow your mind not to mention all the great features of this latest addition to Disney’s character dining arsenal. 

Let’s talk specs on Topolino’s! First, as they say in the real estate business, location, location, location! Situated on the top of one of the towers at Disney’s Riviera Resort, and completely engulfed in the natural light from  floor to ceiling windows, this view CANNOT be, well, topped! You can see three of the four main theme parks from high above! This stunning setting is complimented by the art and beauty of theming based on the beautiful French Riviera. 

Fine French culinary fare graces Topolino’s breakfast menu. That’s right, the next high point here is it is NOT a buffet! This table service is a pre fixe menu much like that of Trattoria al Forna, another “Carie favorite”.  Everyone at your table receives an assortment of pastries to share, your choice of main entree and of course a drink. This meal is one table service credit on your Disney Dining Plan. While you can get those all American staples and kid friendly yummies like Mickey waffles and bacon, there is no shortage of amazing, off the beaten path breakfast selections. My personal favorite is the Wood Fired Butcher’s Steak!  Oh and I forgot to mention you can snag a glass of “Stitch juice” here too! 

Let’s not forgot one of the major highlights of this magically artistic breakfast experience…..some of our most beloved character friends in some of their most creative outfits! Here you’ll find Minnie dresses as a French poet, Donald as a talented sculptor, Daisy as a graceful dancer. And, the boss, Mickey, as a painter! These outfits are original, colorful, and have all the Disney detail we’ve come to love. The interaction factor here with these characters is also like none I’ve seen. They take so much personal time with each guest and really make for an unforgettable experience. During my first visit, Donald decided he didn’t like my Mickey Mouse sneakers, so he proceeded to tape pieces of paper bearing his autograph over top of them! It was a funny moment I won’t soon forget! 

Overall, this has become my favorite spot for a magical breakfast on property. Food, atmosphere, and characters are the perfect combination to kickstart a day at the Walt Disney Resort! I highly recommend Topolino’s Terrace and I will most definitely be dining here over and over again!

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