With Travel with Carie, you're in the hands of experts who are not only passionate but also well-versed in matching you with a cruise that aligns perfectly with your vacation style. We're the masters of cruise lines, ports, and dreamy destinations – and we've got you covered!
Cruisin' through life one wave at a time

Ocean cruises can be a multi-destination vacation that comes complete with transportation. Today's modern ships are pretty much floating resorts, providing top-notch dining, sensational entertainment, and a plethora of activities suitable for all ages. These vessels dock at ports spanning the globe, offering access to the Caribbean's pristine white-sand beaches, the vibrant port cities of Europe, or the remote frontiers of Alaska. On an ocean cruise, you can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, relax and just read that book, and maybe experience all the excitement of a floating amusement park. If world exploration is on your horizon, consider an ocean cruise with Travel with Carie as your ideal ticket.

Explore. Dream. Discover. We'll Handle the Details.

Discover a more intimate vacation experience with smaller ships and fewer passengers when you embark on a river cruise. Traveling along inland waterways such as rivers, lakes, and canals worldwide offers a unique opportunity to explore a country or city in great detail. Delve into the region's sights, sounds, history, and culture as you arrive directly at the heart of your destination. Whether you're selecting your route or picking the perfect river cruise, Travel with Carie is here to assist you in crafting an unforgettable vacation.

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