How do YOU benefit from using a Travel Advisor?



Expertise: Most travel advisors not only travel to many of the destinations you’d love to go to, but they also spend hours and hours of time in research and training on various destinations, as well as forming relationships with their vendors to ensure they have all vital information to provide you, our guest, about your desired destination. My expertise is at your fingertips!

Convenience: Need a late flight? Early check-in? Want to hit a certain hot spot? Give these details to your travel advisor and they can put your needs together in a convenient plan with the flow! Transportation, excursions, accommodations….we leave no stone unturned to make a comprehensive and fluid plan for your adventure!

Planning: With a travel advisor, you are at liberty to be as involved….or not, with your planning process. We are here to assist as much or little as our clients’ requests! Whether it’s to just secure your booking or if you need us from literal start to finish and beyond! The planning scale is in your hand!

Cost Savings: Did you know that when you book with my services, I monitor clients’ packages for discounts and best pricing until the time of travel! We are alerted of promotions and offers frequently and can monitor your vacation for the absolute best pricing! You can be stress-free, knowing someone is watching out for the best pricing on your behalf! 

Value: Many times, people may assume it “costs more to use a travel advisor”, when in fact this is most often not the case! Because we are compensated by our vendors, there are no fees to our service! You read that right, there is no fee for our services when booked thru us! In fact, you have access to concierge-style services at ZERO cost to you! This is not a value that you will find booking directly with a vendor or on your own! 

Support: We have your back! In the rare instance that something goes amiss during your trip, you can simply contact your travel advisor and they can advocate on your behalf, while you continue to relax and enjoy your vacation! By allowing you to enjoy your time while they resolve any issues, you are getting unmeasured support and a stress-free experience!

It’s personal: Having someone you can count on is vital when planning a vacation. After all, these are your memories, and what is more valuable than that? Establishing a relationship with your trusted travel advisor is a huge benefit to you, your friends, and your family! You know that your advisor knows your preferences, will advocate for you, will have your very best interest at heart as well as all those you refer to them! Having the utmost trust in your travel advisor will destress ANY planning or travel situation! 

#SupportSmallBusiness……it’s a thing!: Small businesses are no doubt what makes the world go round, and when you loyally support your trusted travel advisor you are doing just that! Supporting your travel advisor’s small business pours into your local community, establishes trusted networks, and helps a small business soar! Standing behind your advisor and their business not only helps them thrive, but helps the community, friends, family, and other small businesses as well! Networks like this are the framework of amazing things!

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